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[What can a child eat in ten months]_ diet taboos _ diet conditioning

[What can a child eat in ten months]_ diet taboos _ diet conditioning

A newborn child can get the nutrition he needs from breast milk. As the child grows up, the nutrition he needs gradually changes, and he no longer relies on breast milk to provide all the nutrients.

They started to eat other foods. Although these foods could not completely replace breast milk, they could provide some nutrients that breast milk could not provide.

Ten-month-old children can no longer rely on breast milk to get all the nutrients. So what can a ten-month-old child eat?

A 10-month-old baby is almost a year old, and gradually becomes three meals a day, supplemented by breast milk or milk powder in the morning and evening.

Food, milk, vegetables, fish, meat, eggs, and tofu are mainly mixed foods, which are essential for children’s growth and development.

You can also eat noodles, rice porridge, steamed buns, biscuits, etc. to increase the content.

Always give your baby a variety of vegetables, fruits, and seafood, and provide enough vitamins and inorganic salts for metabolic needs to achieve the purpose of nutritional balance.

Eat some animal blood and liver regularly to ensure the supply of iron.

Pay attention to cooking methods, pay attention to color, aroma, taste, shape, and be thin, soft, and broken.

Should not be fried, fried, burst to facilitate digestion.

When arranging baby food, pay attention to the reasonable combination of various nutrients to ensure the needs of children’s growth and development.

Three meals in the morning, middle, and late are complementary foods, with porridge, rotten rice, soft noodles as the main ingredient, and milk powder as a snack.

Moderately increase egg custard, minced meat, vegetables and the like.

Give your child more fresh fruit, but help him peel and pit before eating.

Preparing food for young children: Preparing food for young children: 1. Add 1/4 egg and a small amount of water to a large spoon of flour, stir into small spoons with chopsticks, add chopped carrots and two small spoons of cabbage to the meatAfter the soup is softened, add the noodles to the broth and cook.

2. Steamed fish cake Peel and bone 1/2 fish, stab, and grind; mix with tofu puree, place small cake, steam in steamer, boil fish soup, add some salt, and finallySteamed fish cakes are cooked in fish soup.

The characteristic of steamed fish cake is that it can keep the nutrients in the fish from being damaged.

3. Shrimp, tofu and 2 shrimps, a small piece of tofu, 2 and 3 pea shoots, cooked and chopped, put into the pot, add the chopped raw shiitake mushrooms, cook with seafood soup, thin the hook when cookedA little

4, three fresh eggs scooped 1?
2 eggs into a bowl, add some salt and cold water to beat well, put in a pot and steam, then cut a few fresh shrimps and stir-fried meat and vegetables into the eggs and stir, then continue steaming 5?8 minutes, ready to eat after cease fire.

5. Mix the vegetable paste, wash the potatoes and carrots, steam them in a pot, peel and crush them into mud.

Tomatoes are boiled and peeled with boiling water, cut into pieces, stir-fried in a pan, plus a little salt, mashed with potatoes, carrots, liver and cooked minced meat and eaten.

6. Pomelo Wash the apples, lilies, yam, pears, lotus seeds, peel them, cut them into small pieces, add agar, and cook on the fire with water.

Remove from heat and cool with sugar before serving.

No agar can be replaced with coriander powder.