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[Can dandelion cure toothache]_Effect_Efficacy

[Can dandelion cure toothache]_Effect_Efficacy

Dandelion has a certain effect on the treatment of toothache, but the effect is not particularly obvious, so you can use dandelion soaked water when your teeth are slightly painful, but for severe toothache, we recommend that you treat it with medicine.In addition, there are cases of broken teeth. You need to treat the toothache and then fill the teeth. This will prevent the toothache from happening at all. I hope you will be aware of it.

Little recipe mung bean lychee for toothache: Some people use mung bean to make porridge or mung bean soup directly, but have you tried mung bean lychee?

Mung beans are cold foods, and lychees are warm foods. The combination can cure people’s fire and toothache.

Grab a handful of mung beans, put seven shelled dried lychees, cook with water, cook the mung beans, and then eat the lychees and mung beans together.

This method is relatively simple and can effectively alleviate the toothache of patients.

Traditional Chinese medicine decoctions: It is common to use traditional Chinese medicine to treat diseases. Take dandelion, white peony, licorice, asarum and water together. Take one dose daily, usually taking 3 doses.

Suitable for toothache caused by various reasons.

But friends who don’t like Chinese medicine choose other ones.

Baijiu pepper: Have you heard of Baijiu pepper?

Yes, just take some dried peppercorns, add water and cook with dried peppercorns for about 3 minutes. After warming, add 50 grams of white wine, filter the peppercorn water after it is completely cold, pour it into a small bottle, and dipped this water into cotton.Just bite the toothache.

I insist on plugging in every pain, the effect is still good, everyone is welcome to try.

New cactus: Maybe everyone is still curious, isn’t cactus a big mouth, how can it cure toothache.

Yes, take a piece of fresh and enlarged cactus, wash it with water, cut off the needles on the surface, cut it into two pieces of the same thickness, and stick the paste side to the toothache part of the body. After the symptoms are reduced, you canSlow down.

Can be applied continuously, the symptoms of toothache will gradually disappear, so cactus is very useful.

Watermelon Jade: Summer is here, and Mr. Watermelon is indispensable.

Usually we can collect some watermelon peels, just take a layer of green clothes, wash them, and expose them to the sun and night. After they are completely dry, grind them into fines, put them in a bottle, and buy borneol at the drug store.Watermelon Cuiyi powder and mix well.

When you have a toothache, use a cotton swab to dip an appropriate amount of watermelon green powder to wipe the affected area five to six times a day.

Can alleviate the symptoms of pain and toothache, friends may wish to try it, the statement works well.

The above is about the five recipes to reduce toothache. It is recommended that you try it. In addition, you should always pay attention to the cleanliness of your oral cavity, and insist on brushing your teeth sooner or later. Don’t be lazy.

Of course, if the toothache is particularly serious, I suggest that you go to the dentist as soon as possible for inspection and treatment, so as to avoid getting more and more serious, I hope that everyone will suffer from toothache complications.