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[Why Sexual Life Pain]_Sexual Life Pain_Causes_Causes

[Why Sexual Life Pain]_Sexual Life Pain_Causes_Causes

Sexual intercourse pain usually occurs when women feel different degrees of pain in the genitals or inside the vagina after intercourse, which are also divided into superficial and deep pain, but why does sexual life pain occur?

Introduce below.

1. Burning sensations caused by various kinds of harmful vaginitis or vulvitis caused by bacterial, fungal or trichomonas infections will cause localized hyperemia and swelling of different degrees, and the stimulation caused will cause the sensory nerves to be in a sensitive state, resultingBurning pain in the vulva.

In this case, the pain must be exacerbated by sexual stimulation.

Patients with endometritis or pelvic inflammatory disease will also experience pain due to the impact of their uterus during intercourse.

Urinary tract infections are common in married women, with dysuria and hematuria as the main symptoms.

Because the urethra is adjacent to the vagina, it also causes burning-like pain during intercourse.

2. Irritating pain caused by morphological changes. Vaginal damage caused by shunt implantation, or some people treat drugs for “women’s disease” or abortion by placing drugs in the vagina, causing local ulceration, vaginal adhesions, or trace fractures, orAfter the vulcanization cures, the local hypertrophy under the mercy will narrow the vaginal lumen and weaken the elasticity.

This can cause pain during sex.

3. Dryness in the vagina When women suffer from vaginitis and diabetes, the vagina lacks sufficient lubricating fluid and becomes dry. After the penis is forcibly inserted, unbearable pain will occur.

4. Husband’s rude sexual intercourse leads to contraction and pain. Men’s sexual desire appears faster, and women appear more slowly.

In order to make the sexual life harmonious, the man must flirt patiently and do well the caressing activities before sexual intercourse, so as to promote the sexual desire of the woman.

When the sexual excitement appears in the woman’s brain, the secretions in the vagina also increase. Such a sex life, both parties will have wonderful pleasure.