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[Hair crab stewed with rice wine]_How to stew_Method

[Hair crab stewed with rice wine]_How to stew_Method

Hairy crabs are a type of crab. When eating crabs with yellow wine, it can help the body to dispel the cold brought by crabs, and it can also make the crabs taste better.

Hairy crab stewed rice wine is a method often used by people in Shanghai to make hairy crabs. Apart from rice wine, what else can be paired with crabs?

Let me introduce to you, besides rice wine, there are wines suitable for crabs.

First, why do you want to drink rice wine to eat crabs? It may not be so particular now, but in ancient times, crabs and rice wine were the best match. Li Bai once chanted and praised: “Crab claw is gold liquid, and bad hill is Penglai.

And drink fine wine, get drunk on the platform.

“The ancients had crab eating, drinking, poetry, and chrysanthemum appreciation as the joy of the golden autumn season.

Among them, the most drunk is rice wine.

The color of rice wine is similar to that of whiskey, which complements the taste of crabs.

There are two major benefits to eating crabs with rice wine: 1, the cold and warm stomach crabs, especially those with spleen and stomach deficiency, are prone to diarrhea and abdominal pain.

Rice wine has the effect of activating blood and warming the stomach. It is warm in nature. Eating crabs and drinking rice wine is a good choice for removing cold.

2. The rich amino acids and esters in the fresh yellow rice wine can enhance the umami taste of crab meat, so that their combination becomes very harmonious, penetrates into the crab meat tissue and dissolves the organic substances in it, making the meat more tender and tender.

3. Sprinkle rice wine when sterilizing and steaming crabs. It can not only make the crab meat tender, but also reduce the discomfort caused by eating crabs. It can eliminate the cold of the crabs and remove the fishy smell.

The alcohol in rice wine has the effect of removing fishy smell, relieving tiredness, and sterilizing.

Second, what kind of wine can crabs be paired with? In addition to rice wine, you can also eat some white wine when eating crabs. Crabs are cold foods. People with cold stomachs can easily have diarrhea when eating crabs. Liquor plays a neutralizing role.When drinking crabs, drink some wine in moderation to improve or eliminate the discomfort after eating crabs.

Red wine is also good. It has a sweet taste, which can neutralize the flavor of crabs and crabs without losing the original taste of crabs, making the crabs taste fresh and natural.