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[Difference between fat beef and beef]_Common beef_Difference

[Difference between fat beef and beef]_Common beef_Difference

Beef is a kind of meat that we often eat. Fatty beef is the part that is cut into pieces after acid treatment.

Fatty cattle are made using beef for processing, not cattle breeds.

Beef simply refers to meat from all parts of the body, but not all beef can be made into fatty fillets.

Fatty cattle have high nutritional value and can supplement many substances needed by the human body.

There are many types of fat cows, which are usually used for hot pots.

The difference between fat cattle and beef Fat cattle are neither a breed of cattle nor cattle slaughtered simply after fattening, nor are they fat cattle.

It is the part that is cut into thin slices and eaten in the hot pot after acid-removing treatment, which is called “fat cow”.

And beef refers to the meat of all parts of the cow’s body.

Fatty cattle are slaughtered from weight, painlessly, and advanced acid-removing technology. Generally, high-quality “back muscles” of the lower back and abdominal deboned muscles are used to trim and cut.”Go to the restaurant.

It is then sliced into thin slices by a special machine, and then dipped in a delicious sauce and cooked in a hot pot. The real “fat cow” is eaten in the mouth.

The meat used by fat cows can be made with the exception of beef sirloin, because burdock tendons are so many that they should not be used to make fatty beef slices.

The nutritional value of fat cattle is a high-density food, delicious and nutritious. It not only provides rich protein, iron, zinc, calcium and vitamin B groups, including folic acid, vitamin B and riboflavin.Best source.

Fatty cattle can be combined with seafood and vegetables. Seafood is rich in protein, iron, vitamins, and more nutritious and easier to absorb.

Zinc is the most important nutrient in the human immune system. The human body contains an appropriate amount of zinc, which can be used against viruses and bacteria.

If the body’s zinc content is insufficient, the immune system will be relatively weakened.

Not only that, zinc can also promote metabolism and maintain normal taste.

Zinc helps form more than 200 enzymes in the body to form new cells.

When zinc is inadequate, the wound is not easy to recover, it is easy to lose hair, the skin is rough, and the taste buds of the tongue are unconscious.

Especially with the recent popular weight loss, more and more young people lack a balanced nutritional replacement, which results in insufficient zinc intake.

Classification of fat cattle1. Eye meat is a premium product among fat cattle. It uses special middle-level beef ridges. It is called eye meat because it is fat and thin and looks like eyes. It is characterized by delicate texture and silky taste.

2. The meat on the upper back of the upper brain fat cow is called the upper brain because it is close to the right side. It is characterized by a small amount of marble-like spots deposited in the meat and is a good food for eating.

3, external loin fat cattle, using the middle and rear meat of the external loin, a small amount of deposits on the meat is distorted, beautiful red and white, abnormal eating, raw food can be used, external loin fat cattle can be divided into 5 grades, grade A-F-level outer ridge.

4, belly fat, selected from the back of the ribs, with fat but not greasy, thin but not firewood, etc., suitable for eating.

5. Beer fat cow: The so-called beer fat cow uses ordinary fat cow external spine, abdomen and other inner blocks to be processed and formed. It has the characteristics of good taste, tenderness, and low price. Because it uses beer as feed when fattening cattle, it is calledBeer fat cow.