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[How to make purple potato cake]_How to make_How to make

[How to make purple potato cake]_How to make_How to make

Many people in life often eat a variety of foods. Sometimes purple potatoes, purple potatoes and sweet potatoes are similar, but the difference is different. The sweet potatoes are softer and more glutinous. Purple potatoes are slightly harder.It is a powdery purple potato that can not only cook soup, but also porridge, and it is placed on the barbecue, and the taste is also very good. There are many types of purple potato eating methods. Here are some related introductions.

Coconut purple potato cake material Purple potato puree . 220g, coconut powder . 50g, olive oil . 10g Method 1 Purple potatoes are steamed on the pot, mashed while hot, and you can sifter if you like delicate?
2 Process the dough into a ball, roll the coconut in a circle, and press it into small round cakes. 3 Apply a layer of olive oil to the frying pan, and fry the small cakes until slightly burned on both sides.
4 serving plates, can be sprinkled with coconut powder?
Ingredients for fried sesame purple potato cake: two purple potatoes, glutinous rice flour, white sesame, sugar, and water.

Purple potatoes are washed, steamed, peeled and pressed into mud.


Add sugar and glutinous rice flour separately, add an appropriate amount of water, and knead into a purple dough.


Knead the dough into strips, cut into small pieces with a knife, knead the small pieces, and then flatten them into small round cakes.


Stick the sesame seeds on both sides of the bun, and lightly plug it with your hand to make the sesame seeds on the surface of the bun more firm.


Put a small amount of oil in the pan, add the purple potato cake, and fry it on a low heat until the sides are slightly yellow and the middle is slightly swelled.

Granny Purple Potato Cake (Peanut Stuffing) Material: Purple potato 6 two, glutinous rice flour 4-5, peanut 3 two, white sugar 1 two, peanut oil 1 spoon Method 1. Purple potato is cooked in water, because purple potato is small and cannot be steamedDo not put microwave ovens.

2. Peel the cooked purple potatoes and mix them with mud and glutinous rice flour. If it is too dry, add some water. (Because purple potatoes are hard, you ca n’t put flour, just put glutinous rice flour.)The machine breaks into peanuts or powder, and adds some peanut oil and sugar to make the peanut filling not too loose.

4. Pack stuffing, knead round and flatten.

5. Steam in the drawer for 10 minutes.

6. Put a small amount of oil in the pan to make the purple potato cake slide, just fry it for 10 minutes on low heat.