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[The six perfect steps for men and women are really cool]

[The six perfect steps for men and women are really cool]

Sex is a very wonderful experience.

Most married men and women have sex. The correct steps of sex can not only meet the needs of human sex but also the needs of future generations. Both men and women can get a better experience by mastering the right common sense of sex, which is conducive to solidarity.

The following editor will tell you about men’s sex steps. If you want to know, let’s take a look.

Because of the inadequate spread of sexual culture, traditional culture, and many other reasons, many people cannot face up to this normal physiological need.

Therefore, we must have the right attitude towards sex and realize that sex is an important part of married life. Harmonious sex can give people spiritual and physical satisfaction.

First, some people become more spiritual at night when they are at the peak of sexual desire, while others are early “lark birds.”

Studies have pointed out that male and female sexual desire is sometimes poor, but at 7 am, it is the time when both sexes are at their highest.

Second, the best foreplay time For most women, there is no foreplay, which causes them to feel psychologically resistant. At the same time, it is difficult to produce secretions in the vagina, and it is difficult to insert dryness.

A study suggests that for the average couple, foreplay is about 8 minutes.

During foreplay, men and women should have full contact. Through verbal stimulation, hugs, and touches, a gap is created. When the two sides are slowly excited, the man can gently kiss the woman and caress her breasts and genitals to make her feel you.

Women can rub their male penis manually to stimulate their response.