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[A little pain in the genitals]

[A little pain in the genitals]

As the saying goes, men love women.

But what is said here is not erotic, even the actual sex life of a couple’s home.

It ‘s important to know that once a couple gets married, sex is actually a very important part of life.

It’s even a matter of marriage and discord.

So every couple needs to know about sex.

And some people will have different sex issues.

So why on earth does it hurt?

There are many causes of pain in sexual cross-linking, including diseases of the reproductive organs and urinary system, and congenital malformations.

The typical fissure is an endometriotic nodule on the uterine sacrum ligament close to the posterior vaginal fornix. The pelvic cavity penetrates and adheres to the peritoneal organs. The penis is inserted into the nodule. During the friction with the vaginal mucosa, the peritoneum is made.Shaking the organs causes pain.

In addition, vaginal specific allergies, such as allergies to contraceptive use, can also cause pain.

For the first time in a newly-married couple, tearing the hymen and dilating the vaginal opening can also cause pain and sexual intercourse in the first few days.

The excitement of the newlyweds and the heavy workload they bring will also make the co-workers not completely satisfied. Therefore, after the newlyweds, usually 3?
It takes 4 weeks to reach a satisfactory level of sexual intercourse.

Hasty intercourse, that is, before the female sexual excitement is not fully aroused, the vagina lacks swelling and lubrication. At this time, the penis is inserted, or the action is inserted slightly, often causing temporary pain. The sexual excitement will be suppressed and converted into the penis.Pain can be aggravated by friction, especially in highly sensitive clitoral areas.

It has abundant blood vessels and nerve tissues, and will completely produce pain without sexual excitement and dryness, and it will psychologically produce an unbearable aversion.

In summary, once the woman is further examined, it is a situation without organic variables. If the symptoms of vaginal pain during love are in love, then the pain of sexual intercourse is mainly caused by insufficient vaginal lubrication of the womanof.

So when a boy loves himself, he needs a little more foreplay, waiting for sex to suffice before loving.