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[Yunnan Hard Honey]_Efficacy_Effect

[Yunnan Hard Honey]_Efficacy_Effect

We all know that Yunnan is actually a richer place in the upper reaches. Many of Yunnan’s specialties are famous, and there are a lot of fascinating beautiful scenery. The number of tourists every year is particularly large. Many beautiful places are fascinating.And Yunnan’s hard honey is also one of Yunnan’s special products. It has the reputation of Yunnan’s hard honey. Here is a detailed introduction to Yunnan and honey.

Hard honey (Yebazi nectar) is produced in Ailao Mountain, Chuxiong, Dayao and other places in Yunnan. It is a specialty of Yunnan and has the reputation of “Hyun honey in Yunnan”.

“Selected Chinese Herbal Medicine of Yunnan” records Yebazi’s spicy taste, bitterness and coldness, with heat-clearing and detoxifying, digestion and accumulation, hemostasis and pain.

Used for colds, indigestion, abdominal pain, bloating, abscess, epistaxis, hemoptysis, rheumatoid arthralgia, trauma bleeding, rotten sores, snake bites and other drugs.

At present, the Japanese “JRJ” company has registered the “medicine honey” trademark in Japan for this honey.

Yebazi nectar is easy to crystallize. After crystallizing, the nectar is yellow-white, hard, fine grains, and melts at the entrance. It is commonly known as “oily honey”, and the honey is sweet but not greasy.

This product is helpful for the flu and the common cold population, and has auxiliary effects on hypertension, stomach and liver and gallbladder diseases. It has the effects of digestion, antipyretics and detoxification. It is very beneficial to people with reduced appetite.It will become harder and harder. The crystallization will be stronger year by year. It will not become softer after two years. If the honey crystallizes, it must continue to be over 40 degrees high. It is recommended not to eat it, and honeyActive enzyme is most effective in three years, after three years the activity also began to decline, it is recommended to buy new honey