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New ways for the elderly to brainstorm: video games

New ways for the elderly to brainstorm: video games

Studies have shown that playing games can be good for your health.

Researchers say that playing video games can shift the pain of the patient and can also be used for physical therapy or to help improve the patient’s physical strength and speed up the recovery.

  The game can also add fun to the old age of the elderly, they can improve the skills of playing card games, such as playing cards.

They can also train their responsiveness and thinking skills, and learn the skills of mastering words and numbers in the game.

  The game can also alleviate the mental stress of the elderly. When the game wins, it can relieve the emotions of the elderly and be cheerful, which can make the elderly have a healthy mentality.

As a relaxing tool, video games are very effective.

  Japanese experts believe that simple calculations and understanding are beneficial to the active human brain.

The brain training book he launched in 2003 has been on the bestseller list in Japan.

Experts said: “Game can reduce the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease, which has a step-by-step significance in the history of dementia research.

“These games allow the patient to concentrate and shift the potential discomfort. Unlike traditional treatments, traditional treatments are often passive passive behavior and painful manipulation of the limbs.