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[Can you eat fruits after eating crabs]_Fresh fruits_Same food

[Can you eat fruits after eating crabs]_Fresh fruits_Same food

Many people in our life know that after eating crabs, those fruits and vegetables with high vitamin C content cannot be eaten, because eating them together is very easy to cause diarrhea, often eating and drinking like this, alsoMay cause stomach stones, but not after eating crabs, all fruits can not be eaten, bananas can still be eaten, then can eat fruits after eating crabs?

Fruits that cannot be eaten with crabs: 1.


The reason is: Crab meat is rich in protein, while persimmon is rich in a large number of amino acids, and at the same time, the protein is solidified into a block and the body is difficult to digest.



Pears are cold foods. When eaten with cold crabs, they can damage the spleen and stomach and cause indigestion.

Also, crabs must not be eaten with strong tea, ice water, ice cream, lamb, dog meat, loach, which will cause gastrointestinal upset.

Crab and persimmon rumors: Crabs and persimmons pass on coldness, and the reaction with the same food can cause pain and diarrhea.

Crack: Persimmon contains amino acids, crab protein, and the two substances will interact with each other.

But it is not correct whether the response occurs in the human environment.

This effect does not cause diarrhea, poisoning or other noticeable discomfort.

Other fish, shrimp, meat, eggs, and other proteins are similar to crabs in protein, and they are easy to spoil and germ. Bacteria multiply and cause diarrhea or allergies. It is not related to persimmons.