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[Water content in meatballs]_ calories _ nutritional value

[Water content in meatballs]_ calories _ nutritional value

Meatballs are a kind of food that people eat more in their daily lives, and also a food that many people prefer to eat.

Meatballs have certain transients. Different meatballs have different changes. For example, the conversion of beef meatballs is only 141 calories, but the volume of pork meatballs reaches 208 calories.

Below, I will introduce the quantum and other related knowledge of various types of balls in detail for everyone!

First, the instant beef meatball volume: 141 kcal (100 g) casserole, boiled: This usually usually has a light volume change, and only a small amount needs to be removed during weight loss, and the fat can be consumed.

Second, the micro-alias of pork meatballs: meatball yield: 208 kcal (100 grams) nutrient content (per 100 grams) nutrient content (per 100 grams) conversion (kcal) 207.

62 Cobalt (g) 11.

Aunt 88 (g) 11.

65 protein (g) 14.

36 cellulose (g) 0.

57 III. Transients of fried meatballs 458 kcal / 100g 1 fried meatball (80.

0g) Contains 367 kcal of static electricity and requires jogging 54.

Consumed in 8 minutes.

Every 100 grams of this food contains: Carbohydrates 3.

52 grams; aunt 44.

28 grams; protein 11.

54 grams.

Here’s how to make fried meatballs 1. Prepare 500 grams of fresh minced meat with a minced meat using a machine; 2. Put the minced horseshoe and eggs in fresh minced meat, add salt, monosodium glutamate, white sugar, and green onion,Cooking wine, lemon, south milk, starch; 3, after mixing, squeeze the tiger’s mouth of the meat filling into a meatball and wait for the pan;One is added to the pan; 5. When the meatballs are slowly fried, when the oil temperature rises to 60 to 70% heat, change to low heat, and when the oil temperature is low, change to medium heat.

Repeat the slow frying in this way. When the meatballs are yellow with gold coins and fragrant, they can be removed.

The main point is to stir the meat in a clockwise direction to make the meat into a uniform paste.