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[What’s the reason why Papa is half soft?

】 _What is going on_Cause

[What’s the reason why Papa is half soft?
】 _What is going on_Cause

Papapa is another term for young people about sexual life, mainly derived from online vocabulary.

In life, sexual life is an immeasurable substitute between men and women, especially couples, but also the need for sexual life to replace the flavor of marriage.

However, some men find that their sexual ability seems to have decreased with age.

So what’s the reason for Pap half soft?

Every time when I had sex halfway and his penis couldn’t straighten up, I touched his “eggs” and kept stroking them, sometimes I also kissed his eggs, usually in half a minute.Straight up.

Husband had sex until half of the penis could not straighten up, most of it was related to his distraction, so I bit his ears and stroked his ears, and at the same time cooperated with kissing, he can usually quickly erection again.

Sometimes when my husband’s penis does not straighten during sex, he carefully holds it and rubs it on the smooth skin of my thigh or rubs it on my vulva.

After having sex once, I couldn’t get up halfway. I found out that besides being distracted, I might be not strong enough, so I supplemented him on the diet, made the manicure for him twice a week, and leeks at least once a weekIt is also very good to give him pork loins more than once a week.

In order to avoid the situation that my husband can’t get up midway during sex, in addition to giving him nutrition, we also eat more vegetables and fruits. In addition, we strictly control the amount of sexual life and control more than 3 times a week.Within 2 times a week, after that, her husband never showed such a soft feeling when he had sex during the first half.