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[Apart from rolling sheets, what else can there be between men and women?

[Apart from rolling sheets, what else can there be between men and women?

There have been foolish men and women asking freelance writer Shen Hongfei: “Hong Yan confidant, blue confidant is ambiguous based on friendship, or ambiguous based friendship?

Without this layer of ambiguity, can you still be a confidant?

Shen Hongfei replied: “The god horse” red-faced confidant “and” blue-faced confidant “are all used by women to lie to themselves, or are made up by men to lie to women.

In the heart of a man, his “red-confidant” and his “blue-confidant” were actually automatically classified into the category “to be engaged” in the beginning.

“In fact, is there a pure friendship between men and women?

Want to be friends, women have the final say?

In fact, Gao Xiaosong also gave the answer to this question, but in his opinion: “Can she have pure friendship? The woman has the final say.

If the woman wants to go further, you may become couples; if the woman is not interesting, then you will always be friends.

“His statement, which seems slightly ridiculous, actually has scientific basis.

Through Study 19.

500 million mobile phone communications and 4.

8.9 billion text messages, Robin anthropologist Robin?

Dunbar found that men and women follow different models in dealing with interpersonal relationships throughout their lives, and the friendship of certain women has driven the search for the other half and parenting alternatives.

Throughout their lives, women look for a confidant of the opposite sex before men, and then men reciprocate.

This romantic relationship is a top priority for women throughout the childbirth age until they start to care about the young women they replace.