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[What are the varieties of oolong tea?

]_How to drink_How to drink

[What are the varieties of oolong tea?

]_How to drink_How to drink

Oolong tea is often called, and there is a tea called green tea, which is a very popular tea, especially in Fujian, Guangdong and Taiwan. Oolong tea is very famous. Oolong tea even tastes very mellow and nutritious.Very rich, some oolong teas contain many amino acids and vitamins, as well as rich trace elements, so drinking oolong teas has many health benefits. The common oolong tea varieties are introduced below.

Variety of Oolong Tea: Oolong tea is the representative of Chinese tea, a kind of semi-fermented tea, and its transparent amber tea juice is its characteristic.

Oolong tea is just a generic term, and it can be divided into many different types of tea.

1. Wuyiyan tea is produced in Wuyishan, Fujian. Wuyiyan tea is fat and even in shape, tightly bound, bright in color and frog-shaped.

The color is green, sand green, dense yellow, leaf bottom, vermilion or red spots on the leaf margin, and the center is light green.

Drink this tea, the aroma is spinachy, the leaves are rich in mellow taste, and it is fresh and sweet. It has a special “rock rhyme”. Dahongpao ranks first in Wuyi Rock Tea and is known as “The King of Tea King”.
A collective name for oolong tea produced in Wuyi Mountain, Wuyishan City (formerly Chong’an County), Fujian Province.

2. Phoenix narcissus is a strip-shaped oolong tea produced in Fenghuang Township, Chaoan, Guangdong. It is divided into three categories: single bush, seaweed and narcissus.

It has natural floral fragrance, honey rhyme, strong taste, mellow, refreshing, sweet, and resistant to brewing.

Mainly sold in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao, exported to Japan, Southeast Asia, the United States.

The copyright of Phoenix Narcissus is known as “beautiful, beautiful, green, fragrant, and sweet”.

The tea sticks are hypertrophy, with a lump-skin color and oiliness and luster.

The tea soup is clear and clear, the taste is refreshing and sweet, the fragrance is long-lasting, and the foam is resistant.

3. Oriental beauty is Taiwan’s unique famous tea, also known as puffed tea, and because of its obvious tea buds, it is also called Baihe Oolong tea.

The oriental beauty tea leaves have a very beautiful appearance. The leaves are white, green, yellow, red, and brown. The leaves are bright and lovely. The tea soup has a deep amber color. It tastes rich in glycol and has a ripe fruit aroma and honey fragrance.

4, Anxi Tieguanyin is named because of its heavy body and iron, and looks like Guanyin. It is the best in Fujian Oolong tea.

Produced in Anxi, South Fujian.

“Tieguanyin” is both the tea name and the tea tree variety name.

This tea-size bar is tightly knotted, some are shaped like scale hooks, and some are shaped like dragon snake heads. As the caffeine converts water to evaporate, a layer of white frost is formed on the surface, which can “sand green”.

After brewing this tea, the fragrance is fragrant, the heat is fine, the mouth is full of fragrant, the throat is sweet, and it is called the seven bubbles with the fragrance.